Sogol Satrio - Bike Check

Frame: Indigo - Sinker frame
Fork: Subrosa fork
Bars: Cult Leader 8,5'
Grip: Eclat - Scope grips
Bar end: Indigo - Barkep
Stem: Indigo - Snake Snipper stem (limited edition)
Headsets: Eclat - Dual Headset
Seat: No. Label pivotal seat
Seatpost: Alloy pivotal seatpost
Crank: Mongoose
Bottom Bracket: Indigo - Spainsh BB
Sprocket: No. Label 25T
Chain: KMC Z610HX
Pedals: PC Pedal -
Fit Bike Co.
Rims: Alloy rim, single wall - 36hole, color black (front). Alienation Blacksheep, double wall - 36hole, color chrome(rear)
Alloy Hub 36hole (front), KHE - Geisha Street Freecoaster hub - 36hole, color: Copper Brown (rear)
Spokes: No. Label, color black
Tires: Maxxis - Grifter 20x1.85 (front) Kenda - Kontact Elite 20x1.95 (rear)

Tubes: United 20x2.125
Pegs: Indigo - Foot Strap peg (front) Indigo - Nagasari peg (rear)

1. I put a SCMT on the bar.
2. I change the location of drop out Subrosa fork into zero offset and size of 175mm crank that had to be 140mm, modified by Indigo Industrial BMX.
3. I changed the color on the front hub in green, and also the color of the chain, headset, stem turns black. because I like the certainty and uncertainty. black symbolizes something that my uncertainty.
4. I cut the seat nose to ease more get a gap, when I do a trick by turning bars. It looks really stupid, but it can work. yeah it\’s true !!!
Describe your setup and how you want your bike to feel …
- I Feel Good, I like playing with a condition that is responsive and comfortable indeed looking for a clean and undisturbed. I do not want a flexible … I prefer something strong and sturdy. Usually I like to bike to feel the same as my bike all the time. Once I get a good feeling about Indigo – Sinker frame for that I do not want to change it. I have been testing and trying different sizes. And, it seems Indigo Industrial BMX and team work well and I like it. This seemed to bring me into a dream … hehehehehe ^ _ ^

share be happy to make it better ^_^
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