Props - Best of 98 (full video)

Don't forget a bit… to baggy jeans, flagpole seat posts and dinner plate sized sprockets.

After many requests we pulled this from the archives to post. 1998 was a classic year in BMX when a lot of changes were happening in the sport, and when a lot of the riders you might think of as "legends" now, were killing it then.

We released Road Fools 1 earlier in the same year.

Featuring Dave Mirra, Jay Miron, Nate Wessel, Ryan Nyquist, Mike Griffen, Rooftop, Taj Mihelich, Nate Hanson, Dennis McCoy, Martti Kuoppa, Butcher, Jeff Harrington, John Parker, Dave Freimuth, Troy McMurray, Kevin Guteriez, Ron Kimler, Clint Miller, Jamie Bestwick, Simon Tabron, Dave Voelker, Tom Haugen, Afro Pat, John Peacy, Mat Hoffman, Josh Heino, Andrew Faris, Mike Ardelean, Dave Osato, Joe Rich, Sandy Carson, Pat Miller, Ruben Alcantara, Van Homan, Groundchuck, Cory Nastazio, Shaun Butler, Whitesnake, Todd Walkowiak, Brian Foster, Jerry Bagley, Chris Doyle, Josh Stricker, Joey Garcia, Chris Stauffer, Paul Buchannan, Junjab, TJ Lavin, Squirrel, Chad Kagy, Kris Bennett, Jerry Bagley, Chris Duncan, Fuzzy, Scott Powell, Jamie Spritzer, Leigh Ramsdell, Dan Rigby, Adam Banton, Dave Schaeffer, Kevin Porter, Brian Rybak, Matt Wilhelm, Shawn Dorton, Afro Pat, Rob Nolli, Dylan Worsley, Bruce Crisman, Ralph Sinisi, Jimmy Levan, Kelly Baker and many more.
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