Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have your own design? 
Free design, all the models we can do with a professional
Whether the type of pipe used in the manufacture of the frame? 
Type of pipe that we use it, the Top Tube (TT), Down Tube (DT) and rear (Chainstay - CS). We use this type of pipe "seamless". To form the head tube and Bottom bracket use the lathe machine. And, for "Dropout" we use the iron plate thickness of 5 mm.
How does your process making frame? 
For the process of the frame, the image / design - we give the scale. Then we process the detail in each and every part. Starting from the point of precision, forming and welding of pipes (Welding TIC) to finish the process. Once completed, "frame" - I plug into the bike. after that go on in the process of coloring the frame (takes approximately two weeks).
Frame of weight of about 2 kilo gram
How about the warranty on the frame? 
Warranty lasts for 3 months after the shipment is received.

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